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  1. What are the snows. As for my job I am on my way out soon so my days are easy as pie. But what do you mean the snows.
  2. Lol yeah you were pretty close. How'd you guess?

    Why are you on AO if you're working? =O What kinda cool job do you have that allows you to visit anime forums? =O

    I'm not doing anything worthwhile. Actually, I'm procrastinating lol. Should be studying for exams next week but heck, it's a Saturday night. I should be at the snows with my siblings right now, but mother dearest made me stay at home so I can study. Not that I'm studying, but she doesn't know that. =]
  3. I was close and yes I am at work right now, you?//////////////////
  4. Are you at work right now? It's 6:19pm here.
  5. 0415 in cuba. I am working midnights right now. What time is it in the land down under 5:16p.m?
  6. Thanks for answering all of my trivial questions!

    What time is it in Cuba right now? Usually no one's online at this time.
  7. The hotels usully have western but you can always ask, most decent hotels have an interpretor.
  8. Wow, you get to live in Japan and you get paid for it? Slippers from the washroom? I guess I'll learn all the proper etiquette when I get there. It's so different from the Aussie culture though. We're so laid back.

    With hotels in Japan, are they equipped with western style showers and beds?
  9. I always wanted to live in japan. So I looked for a job that would take me there. Nothing I can think off hand. But you learn as you go. Make sure you don't wear slippers from the washroom around. It will happen well you live over there long enough.
  10. So I should kick myself if I forget to bow lol. Yeah I figured if I just copy what everyone else is doing that would be fine. So your three year stay was for a job? Or did you just decide to holiday there for three years?

    Is there anything else I should be careful of? =]
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