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  1. Maintane just off center eye contact. That part is true. I don't think it is true for that reason. A longer bow indicates respect. But when in doubt you should just do what the japanese are doing. yes I worked but have since changed locations.
  2. How fluent is your Japanese? And did you live there for a job or something?

    There's something that's nagging me though. At the interviews the man told us all to be careful about our manners and things like that. Apparently some people in Japan will be offended if you look them in the eye when you talk to them, because that means you're putting yourself at their level, but as a visitor you're at the bottom of the social hierarchy. That makes sense, but it's still strange because in western culture, it's polite to make eye contact when you're speaking to someone.
  3. I lived in Kyushu. I got to visit many cities all throughout teh country. But Kyushu has some great places, such as nagasaki and kumumoto.
  4. Wow you lived in Japan for three years? Where did you stay?
  5. lived in Japan for 3 years so if you have any questions about it, like where to go let me know.
  6. High school lol. I'm not that old! Though it's my final year so I'd better get that scholarship, otherwise I won't be able to apply anymore.
  7. are you in high school or college?????????????????????
  8. It's the AFS Experience Japan program. I'm not sure exactly where I'll be staying if I get the scholarship, but I think it'll be somewhere near Tokyo because that's where I'll be getting off (Tokyo International Airport). I'm so excited about the home stay and going to a Japanese school. =]]
  9. Cool, what type of scholarship program was it??????????????????????????????????????? Let me know where in Japan you are going.
  10. Guided tours are overrated. Come to Sydney again and I'll take you to the places that count. Anytime in the next six months is ideal for tourists because of the nice weather. Not as hot as Cuba but definitely great beach weather.

    Actually, if all goes well, I should be visiting Japan for two weeks this December. I applied for a scholarship program and have been successful through to the interview stage. Successful applicants are notified around mid-September so fingers crossed! =]]
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