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  1. It was okay but I went on a guided tour and think I missed most of the good stuff, because as you said I did not have that much fun. It was the last time I ever did that. You try to visit Japan someday, you know since your an anime fan, and want to go to a foreign country.
  2. I'd like to be named Sydney, so when I introduce myself, I can say, "Hello I'm Sydney, from Sydney". =]

    Mean girl? =O Preposterous! I'm niceee!

    Hey you've been so Sydney! How long ago was this? I hope you liked it, and if you didn't, you weren't in the right places! =]

    No I haven't been to Cuba =[ I haven't been outside of Australia =[ Shame on me I know =[
  3. Hey mean girl I know Sydney Australia is. I have been there smart alec. Have you been to Cuba, Oh snap. Seriously it could have been a different Sydney.
  4. Yeah it's a city in Australia lol. Shameful! Not knowing where such a great city is! I studied the Cuban Missile Crisis so I know where Cuba is. =]
  5. Your location is listed as Sydney, is that the city in Australia?
  6. Lucky you lol. I'm on the verge of tears when I need to get a needle. I skipped the flu shot this year, even with all the hype about the swine flu. Do they not understand the fear of needles? Invent a tablet or something!
  7. I have just always had the higher tolerance for that sort of thing.
  8. LOL yep sure sure. Seriously though, how can you take the pain? Those first few minutes after the sprain are excruciating!
  9. NO I didn't cry.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
  10. Haha funny, no one in the DVD store that day could understand why I was so ecstatic. I think they're closing down and that's why there's a massive sale going on. I also got the Season 1&2 D Gray-Man box set for $49.99 which I haven't started watching yet but I've been meaning to watch for ages now. I do think they might be pirated though.. but they look real! =O Not as if the owners are going to admit to it lol.
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