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  1. LOL! I thought you might like it. Perfect representation of josh almighty. xDD
  2. Haha whatever. xD

    I'm on your comp by the way. Nice screen saver. =)
  3. Yeah yeah whatever. I'm the most adorable girl in the world, so be thankful that I'm putting up with you. xDD
  4. Haha of course I'm the bestest friend in the world. Who else could put up with you for so long? xD
  5. Yes I'm saving up for something. I won't tell you for what though. Just wait & see. =]]

    Serious?? The black & pink one? Thank you so muchhhh!!! You're the bestest friend in the whole worldd!!!
  6. Dang you read my post? xD

    It's the one you tried on & liked, but didn't buy. But then again, you try on so many and like so many but you don't actually buy that many. Saving up for something?

    It's the black & pink one.

    I've gotta shower then leave for uni, so I'll talk to you later. =)
  7. So I'm getting a dress & chocolates for Christmas? =]] Which dress is it??
  8. You didn't fail and that's all that matters lol. Besides, your school sets one of the hardest exams in the state. Crazy, but anyways.

    *throws a cow at you*

    I'm gonna head out now. Footy training at 12. I think I might be late. xD
  9. Nuh-uh. I almost failed math last time.

    *throws a show at your head* xDD
  10. No, but I'm looking forward to pinching your cheeks. xDD

    Fo' shame! Didn't finish the last question? Lol no really, I'm sure you did fine. You always do. =]
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