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  1. *Gasp!* I'm offended! Imma keep your Christmas present for myself now!
  2. Why would I waste my credit on you? xDD
    Haha you wuss. Be a man!
  3. Oh shucks I wasted my credit for nothing? You should've replieddddddd.
    I'm hurt, dani! You'd do that to me?! After all we've been through..!!
  4. Impatient much! I got your msg the first time, geez lol.
    If you smack me, I'll kick you where it hurts. xDD
  5. Muffinnnnnnnnnnn I know you're at home doing nothing important, so go online or I'll smack you. xDD
  6. It's alright, just make sure you come next time. It doesn't matter what we watch. You shouldn't work yourself too hard either. Be a normal girl. Go out, have fun, like you used to.

    You can keep the book lol. I don't want it back. Let it remind you of me. xD
  7. Lol hey Josh, you still go on AO?

    Yeah sorry about last time, I had to work. I promise I'll come next time though. And read the book!

    I've still got your copy of Digital Fortress with me lol. It's been like, a year, but anyways. I'll give it back to you next time I see you.
  8. Hey, how've you been? I haven't spoken to you in a while. You didn't come to the movies last time, so make sure you come with us next time! Didn't you say you wanted to see that twilight movie? It's coming out soonish, I think. I haven't read the book like you told me to but I'll still watch the movie. xD
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