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  1. I bet $100 that you're not shy, and like to throw things at peoples' faces

    Yeah, it's the flashy looking one lol. Thanks.

    So you will be dressed in business suit, good job, wearing glasses which make you look even smart xD

    Oh shut up you puny girl D=
  2. I am? =S Why do I get that a lot? I am kinda shy.

    You < Marge.
    Me > below me. [that's a lot] ^_^
    Hey you don't come on msn nowadays, what happened?
    Do you know what Uni/course you want to do?

    -throws a frog at you- How's it taste like xD
    Pigs are heavy, but you can't lift heavy weight, so I'd say It's pretty light

    Today I liftend my dad on my shoulders [his front side was on my shoulders] and I ran around my backyard xDD He was like "put me down! You'll become un-balanced!" And I almost hit him against the fence xDD
  3. Haha yeah, my nose is running too.
    Another lame joke presented by Rave, < The she Debil xD

    Oh yeah, how was it? How many essays did you have to write? THis all ain't nothing till you get to year 12 xD
    Oh yeah, you are doing yr 12 course. D'oh!

    Me > you in: height, designing, drawing ... ehh ... what else ... I pick up sports easily xD
  4. You didn't fail and that's all that matters lol. Besides, your school sets one of the hardest exams in the state. Crazy, but anyways.

    *throws a cow at you*

    I'm gonna head out now. Footy training at 12. I think I might be late. xD
  5. Haha, who wouldn't wanna scare a girl like you? xDD

    And hey what the *BEEP noise* don't you have school today? The BOS blocks this website, so you're jigging??
    Dun dun dun duunnnnn.

    Yes you little rabbit, I do look scary. =] And that makes me happy [?] >:]
    There are more men in this world, that's why nobody cares you wish Diana, you wish. xD

    Ohh you got that pun? Good! Well, it's meant to say that if you get an agreememnt you like, it's kinda selfish/greedy, but not all agreements are benifitial. But somebody always benifits either way, so yeah. xP Geddit?
  6. No, but I'm looking forward to pinching your cheeks. xDD

    Fo' shame! Didn't finish the last question? Lol no really, I'm sure you did fine. You always do. =]
  7. Haha, sure. I think Ima take you to watch Mirrors Oh you're going to love that.

    Yeah I remember, they hardly do anything though xP
    And because there are so many men in this world, nobody gives a damn xD

    Oh thanks for the compliment on my siggy. Have you seen my pictures? I look scary.
    What do you think of "Agreement is just A Greed"?
  8. Oh haha, yeah I remember.
    You're mentally superior to me, but not too much ^_^;;

    Oh, The Exorcist was hella scary. It is voted to be the scariest film everr. I wanna see it again!

    I can ... pinch your cheeks! I can't harm a girl like you now can I.
  9. Yes you are, your neck and your tummy right?

    So you're doing 12 units? Haha, yeah you're right. Lets see how it goes. Meh.

    Well yeah, you know you see something uber kewt you get an urge of biting it? I prefer eating xD
    YOu can't harm meh!
  10. Oh yes you are

    Really? Congratulations! How many exams do you have left? It's good to study. I'm stressing out about my results haha. Eh, good luck with your next exams.

    Sure, ebil bunnies sound nice. I wonder how they taste like. xD

    YOu know what's ebil? Super debil.
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