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  1. Muffinnnnnnn =] Friday 12th yeah? I'm looking forward to seeing your face again. xDD

    How'd your exams go?
  2. Tickle wise, yes XD But you're full of em >:]
    I didn't kill it bare handed. I ran and got an inspect spray can, and used half of it just to take it down. Seen how they curl up their legs? It was still big. I think God has a grudge against insects/spiders, cuz they're so ... disugsting.

    And then I suqashed the spider xDD

    I told you right? I have a younger brother, he goes to the same school as me. He's 13 years old.

    How was the test today? It seems you're pretty carefree ^_^;
    Guys do find things cute. It just depends on their behaviour or personality if they wanna share it or not.

    I haven't seen a red-eyed bunny yet. But I'm assuming you're just as cute.
    There ya have it. lol.
  3. Eh, the right side of my neck is VERY sensitive. I even felt a spider 5 cm away, it was swinging on it's thread. It was big D:
    I killed it =]

    My waist, too.

    What makes you think I'm a sadistic person? xDD

    Ask a guy "What do you think is cute?"
    Answer may vary n_n
  4. Ahh, you're a cute lil girl that makes people think "She cannot be ebil!" Until they pat your head or pinch your cheeks ... and now kiss the back of your neck omg, you are so funny.
    What gave you the idea I'm ebil? >:] <- Besides that.

    I think it was that girls worry too much about this. Yeah, I think it was that ... was it?

    You know what's cute? Ask a guy that question, you'll be surprised xD
  5. Dude! You always throw things at my face ... even that poor bunny. =[

    You Ebil gurl xD
    Nighty night you lil feather!
    And no, guys don't care really. They know that girls ... -ahem- nope, won't tell
  6. Ehhhhh? Really? O_o Must've been quite the expression

    As for the insects, awesome xD
  7. Yeah but they wear gloves don't they? As long as they're dead and not full of gooey stuff, I'm fine by that. ^_^
    Haha, when my dad get's sick, he makes sure that everyone around him runs around around the clock, serving him. Even giving him chores is a headache.

    Just curious. My dad works and my mum runs a daycare. Man, kids give you a headache. They also make you saddistic. For example, couples who say they're ready for a kid and are so in love, let them get a months experience xD Oh man, would that be a sight to see

    Ehh, did I say too much?
  8. No I don't like insects. I have a mutual respect for them, but I prefer them staying away from me XD

    How does he eat then? O_o I mean, it's poisonous, and most soaps don't clean very well. Do both your parents work?

    Hehe, you're easily scared huh. Don't you have to study now? x_x

    I'm Hindu btw. Don't tell anyone xD I prefer keeping a low profile.
  9. You're an anti-insect? We're kind of insects too, considering our actions towards each other and mother Earth in general.

    Your father is interesting. He doesn't care if it's hairy, or poisonous? D: Does he do martial arts? xD

    You'll grow to be taller. lol, Vietnam ... they might hire you. You look like 14-15 years old, so when you're 18, you'll look 16!
    You're 16 atm right?

    I'm not Buddhist, I am .. -lighning strikes- xP
  10. Well the last part was made up by me, but you didn't know? According to Buddhism, all life is equal. I'm pretty sure that's it xD

    Well, aim at the spider or a cute lil bunny? Bunny is easier to shoot, but I'd just squash the spider xD So you're safe.

    Stop calling me a giant you shorty xDD I'm taller than both my parents so I get to pat most people on the head. Even you >D

    You like fashion so I asked. Hmm, modelling maybe?
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