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  1. OMG you're finally awake at this hour? It's more like good morning xDD
    I personally like "rofl" and "lol" to be spoken. Haha, we had so much fun during school time with this. Do I sound like an old man? I think there's something messed up with my head.

    Terrorists ... I don't know; they want to spread their message around by figghting against what they believe is wrong, or against God.
    hey are you a Buddhist? I never asked.

    I hope your exams would be great. =]
  2. Eh, humans have lost their raw power and the lustre of survival over time as we became civilised and protected. So naturally, we have dulled those instincts, or senses. Animals on the other hand, do not live their lives like humans, thus they have the ability to predict any possible storms. My theory anyway. =]
    But, humans do have that ability nonetheless. Some humans get sick, nauseous, display similar conditions over a period of time when a volcano is about to explode or an earthquake is approaching. xDD YOu geTtiNg THat iN?

    Have you noticed how "lol" and "omg" are so freuently used that they have become a part of today's enlish vocabulary? "Lol, you know..." and "Wow, omg, you sunova-" XD
    Yeah, I'm babbling too much. Haha.
    -throws a blanket and a pillow at you- it's getting cold =]]

    Meh, it's alright I guess. I didn't wanna fly by Quantas anyway. They suck now.
    And yeah, Mumbai was scary. They literally took a whole city, euivalent to Circular Quay and City combined, just overnight. It's ... ridiculous.
  3. Haha, me too. How's Lucky by the way? Do you have any other pets?

    And i read somewhere that smelling good is the second most important thing for a good first impression. So yeah, humans are too bloody complicated xP Tarzan easy, Tarzan fun

    Haha, wow, that's something new Your dad sounds like a slightly carefree guy xD And kind. By the way my overseas plan got cancelled.
  4. Ahh, I see. You're so fragile xD Hehe, 20C isn't that cold. Do you feel sleepy in it?

    Haha no wonder women force their men to by men's perfumes xD
    Which brand do you like?
  5. Haha, I get used to cold easily. You, my dear? xP

    There was good weather a couple of days ago - shiny, clear sky, slightly cold wind. Ahh ... but like i said, Sydney's weather is sooo unpredictable xD Worsened by climate change.

    Most of the advertisements they make are pointless, did you notice? Like for a men's perfume ad they took a man in a suit riding a motorcycle through a desert. WTF?
  6. hah- ohhh that's just cold baby, real cold =[

    If you think you can, knock yourself out xD should be alright for him, coming from an angel such as yourself Yeah, real good prank there.

    Oh and 'red bull gives you wings'
  7. if it's not for designing there wouldn't be fancy logos and such

    Wow, umm ... what can you get a guy who's a freak at maths and hates english? ^_^
    He's doing engineering, so maybe some pens etc for designing?
  8. Hehe yeah .. <_< ... >_>

    How the heck should I know that it's a brand D: I'm not into that stuff remember? I'm into graphic designing ^_^, and such ...
    Sure you weren't bright in primary, lol. Hey good luck with the exams!

    For his birthday, hmm ... not sure. Is he a maths tutor?
  9. Well, until you get a voodoo doll and give me a horrible death, I'd
    -pinches your cheeks, a bit hard- Muahahahahahaha! XD -ebil laugh- Always wanted to do that.

    So now, I believe I'm living my last days ^_^ And it's a brand's name? Your real name is Diana? I thought it was Dani? D=
    -le gasp- You lied!

    Ohh, what should I believe in now ... -melodrama-

    p.s - how can you get a voodoo doll from city from the gothic shop at the corner of thee mall?
  10. LOL you're so funny xD -pats your head-

    Not all schools get 'em. You know the schools where all they wear is coats n' ties kind of uniform, with simple sports uniform. But meh.
    Good luck with your exams! Aren't you already in year 12? I'm gonna scare you from now on.

    I think you should write Debilicious on your jersey xD I can't see the link between Diana and ferrari xP

    And you will never kill me >:]
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