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  1. Heey, been busy lately? ^_^ Do you get to have senior jersys in your school? Mine Had ^[IM]Possible^ on it xP
    I told you you'd like Chonny
    I have a little brother. Same school as me, great at sports. And me = lazy xD
    -throws mario coins at you-
    I hope I get above 85 even.
  2. You must have been very hyper to write this much xD
    Do you watch Smallvile -> Damn I hate that show. Total copy of Supermnan. Eugh. Oh how was chonny? Hope you liked it. ^_^ Hey check my signature, I'm thinking I can make it as a T-shirt design.
    The weather was nice today eh? Except when it started to rain xP It was sunny and raining at the same time - Awesomeness =]

    I never asked, how many siblings do you have? Do they go to the same school as you? Are they as competettive as you? xD lol it's good to be competetive. Not too much lol.
    And you need to study a lot more =] I get sad when I think about my UAI T_T Damnness.

    Go to the dinner, it'll be fun.
  3. Yeah, King Kong is the most expensive film ever made ^_^

    I'm smart too, I think it all comes down to self-confidence. Do you think there's a difference between genious and smartness?
    How much do you study everyday? I think it's kinda silly/weird to make a school only for smart people. What do you think?

    Hey you said you don't like repetative songs right? Don't LP, Evanescence and the like have the same songs? xD

    I hope you liked the videos ^_^
  4. Like King Kong ain't an animal!

    -throws a brick at you- xP

    Ahhh, as expected of your school. Smart freaks lol. Why are you guys so smart? Tell me your secrets! I need it for uni. And you'll get a band 6, my friends got near band 6 in legal and business. I wonder why it is so famous?

    Seen the vid yet? Chonny's from Sydney xD
  5. -Throws a red-eyed bunny at you-
    Oh yeah, you're more babyish than moi xD Oh yes you are =]

    I'm working on a design so I'll let you know how it goes kay? ^_^ I'm soo happy right now. Good luck for the upcoming tests too! Hey what's your average mark/UAI in year 12 in your school? Mines around 89, maybe?

    The economic crisis started because of USA. You know. Meh, anywho, I hope things will get better. I like maths.
    Ahh, you're gone. See ya! ^_^
  6. Yeah, well I am trying out new things and such, and I get excited like a baby when I get something new such as an effect or when I love my final result =]]
    Yup, 1 am. I am watching Scrubs at that time lol.

    USA has a lot of violence, be careful there! Oh and those countries are expensive; you must be rich xD Hmm ... maybe I can give you my mobile no. xD Nahh, just kidding.
    Japan is good too, my father went there, but the price of a watermelon is of a secong hand car. Yup =]
    And yeah, war memorials give off a powerful feeling, of realisation or ... sometimes a silent despair.
    How was the essay?
  7. Haha, it's so fun to be you xDD
    I'm working on a new signature. And planning to learn mad Photoshop skills from my friend. He's great at it. I hope he finds some time. I'm also making designs for T-shirts, have I told you that? I need some ideas though, anywho.
    I sleep at almost 2 am and wake up at 10 xD lol. Good luck with your tutions.

    Where are you planning to go after your HSC? Are you gonna go alone?
  8. Ahh damn, you're probably asleep by now.
    It does get boring at times, trust me Dx Same thing over and over again. Have you seen the new, anime-ish version of PPG? It sucks. Horrible. It's a disgrace! xD
    Good luck in your essay Dani! =]

    My school ... rather not remember it now. I get sad. Dammit! lol >_<;; <- haven't used this in a while.
    Any new things in your life? Why haven't you gone overseas yet? ^_^
  9. I sorta liked it. It got boring after a few hundred episodes xD

    Hey do you watch Scrubs and Kyle XY? They're awesome watch. Oh reminds me, seen mychonny's videos yet?
    Oh, Josie ... or was it Jessie? She's acyually around 30 years old. Kinda surprising right?
    How big is your school? I remember when I graduated I didn't feel like I was in school. Felt weird, lonely and sad. You'll feel it too >=] Debilicious.

    Oh and sorry about the photo ^_^; Got carried away~
  10. I didn't know you could post on your own page. Meaningless, but anyways. xD
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