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  1. Haha, how's the essay coming along?
    I used to ... absolutely adore the classic cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Swat Kats, PPG [you mentioned], Jetsons, Flinstones ... you know, which now come on Boomerang xD I miss them soooo much that it's not funny they got taken away =[

    And I'm not sure about Jacob xD So yeah, you be the judge. Sometimes you see hot people but then you realise they're not so great, they just have a label on them, you know?

    I'm sure you love your school =]

    Lol, what do you do? Get some candy? XD
  2. First of all, thank you sooo much for talking to me this late ^_^
    And you should try. It takes some time though, but I believe it will work for you =]
    This weather is good for taking little cold showers and ice-cream eh? Reminds me when I used to watch anime on Adult Swim in this weather, late at night, on weekends ... it was heaven xD
    Try this link for the book: http://www.misrule.com.au/premiers.html
    Have you seen the movie of the Alibrandi book? It's really entertaining =]
    I hope your essay is coming along well!

    You've got weird rules in your school O_o I've seen some girls of rich schools completly covered by clothing, namely long skirts.

    You're smart, and the school has a high rep, thus you'll get a UAI of 95+
    Why do you cry? Is it something really bad?
  3. Haha, sorry to keep you awake ^_^ There's still a little bit left.
    Thanks Dani! You red-eyed bunny lover xD
    Oh if you need help with the pre-lims, I can give you some tips. I didn't do your subjects other than 2 U Maths, but if you want to, I am here =]
    keep a fistful of almonds in water overnight, then peel off the skin in the morning, and eat the almond. Yummm. Lol.
    No pressure on the videos, though. Oh, try reading "Mr. Enigmatic", and "Looking for Alibrandi", if possible. Good books. Some -ahem- parts, but still a good read.
    And the film is great. It's really effective to engage an audience as it works through their emotions and intellect. And it's not gory as it sounds xD
    Oh mi gosh, it sounds like I'm writing an essay. Wow. Old habits... like in formal I had my shirt out because I never tucked it in school xD

    Don't you get annoyed by the pain? You're good at dealing with things.
    And you like light stuff eh? I like to climb trees. And play with kids.
  4. If you had "Shadowy Angel of Mystery" I would've shortened it to SAM. Kinda weird right? I am weird. And humourous at times. Just like in school.
    It doesn't help you concentrate. It gives you a boost of energy and your mind wanders off. And then you get tired. Eat some skinned almonds everyday. It worked for me.
    Passionately irritated? I'm not sure if I wanna see that p_p
    Seen mychonny's videos yet? =D

    Is 20 questions a game?
    Shakespeare's plays are boring because of its english. Or maybe we're too addicted to violence and stuff. Have you seen Dead Poets' Society? Classic.

    And it must hurt. Are your bones strong? If so, then it reduces the pain. Weak bones plus your flexible body is really painful. I know.
    Don't you get sad or agitated when you feel that pain? I'm pretty sure I would. It's amazing you haven't gone insane ... yet xD

    Oh, check your pic again.
    What things do you like?
    brb, gotta do vaccum cleaning.
  5. Haha, thanks for telling me xD
    Don't drink anything with [moderately] high levels of sugar. It will make you sleepy. Just a little tip for the little spawn of the debil. ^_^ I think she came out as a little softie xD
    And I know, but with yoga [and martial arts] you can control it. You don't get angry much, do you?
    And yes, I knew that fact. And that Venus is much more deadlier than Mars.

    Linkin park has mostly pessimistic songs, but great songs. No wonder they have so many young fans. Hmmmm.
    What essay are you writing?
    How did you come up with your username?
    Are you freakishly flexible?
    Am I disturbing you?

    lol sorrie
  6. Haaahhhh maybe you should, spawn of the debil
    Hehe, I mean I've thrown a skateboard at someone's eye before. Stomped on nthem ... but that's only like 5&#37; of my life. Not frequent; just when I got reaaallllyyy angry.
    I know how to ruin an impression xD .. oh man >_>

    Is this gibberish? I speak it when I'm nervous or stressed. Sorry ~_~

    And no, I won't get angry at you or hit you, so don't worry. ^_^ Hey have you listened to "Minutes To Midnight"?

    And... -goodnight hug- =]
  7. Hoho, I can be insane..ly mean if you want.
    It's just that I don't wanna hurt girls. Plus you're a friend xD

    Oh it makes your breathing capacity better. It's just moisture!!~
    Anywho, I hope I'm not disturbing you from your studies. I would feel guilty if I did =[
  8. -Throws a brick shaped pillow at you-
    Lol stop being such a baby XD The typical Aussie weather? We're in Sydney; so its unpredictable ^_^
    Don't worry, it's good, this weather. Kinda cool and all.
  9. Just watch and you'll understand XD A bit of swearing but eh.
  10. Ladybugs are so colourful & pretty =]]
    I don't youtube a whole lot. I prefer veoh lol. So what's so funny about mychonny's videos?
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