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  1. Oh congratulations! What courses are you taking? =]]]

    I'm so sorry I haven't been online lately. You'd think the heat's killed me or something lol. Actually, it's pretty close. I'm going to die of heat stroke if they keep at this weather. Anyhow, take care ravey!!
  2. I'm sorry lol, I left all my homework 'til the last minute, so now I'm rushing to get it all done. Bad habit, but anyways. xD

    I'll be going to Luna Park next Tuesday. Did you want to come along? =]]
  3. Lol so you feel the need to side with my dog, because of his name? Nice. You should really meet him one day. He's vicious and violent, but he won't bite if I'm there with you. I might accidentally leave you alone with him though. xD

    Haven't really thought about a career yet. I'm just gonna focus on this year lol. If I somehow stuff this year up, I think I might turn suicidal. Well, not really, but I'd have to repeat lol.

    I'm gonna go now - take care! =]
  4. Haha siding with my dog again are you? The leash is pretty long though so he has plenty of space to move around.

    Baker's Finest. And pharmacy sounds good. What made you choose UNSW and not UoS? =]
  5. Lol, yes, like me. I still go to those playgrounds in the parks sometimes, when I walk my dog. I tie him up to a tree or something, then head for the playground. =]

    I've been working these past few days, 'cuz I'd like to save up for a holiday after my HSC. I really wanna go see the tennis Aussie Open next year in Melbourne. =]

    Medical science, or chemical science, or engineering science, or computer science? =]
  6. Activities for beginners are quite easy and fun, sort of like a playground for kids lol.

    Which courses are you looking into?
  7. Haha I tried that a few times, going along and even participating in some of their activities. It was mostly just jumping over walls and things like that, but for the more advanced practitioners, the activities are quite extreme. I'd almost call it an extreme sport, except there are no rules or anything.

    Have you signed up for any uni courses yet? =]
  8. Lol I didn't feel that sleepy, and thought I'd log onto AO for a bit. =]

    Most of them started a few years ago, but one of my friends only started last year. They like to climb things, like you, so I really think you should take parkour lessons with them. It'll be fun! If you want, I could ask them where they meet and what times and all that. It's free by the way lol. If I wasn't afraid of heights and all that, I'd probably go with them too.
  9. Showering in cold water? Jeebus how can you stand that? I did it once 'cuz there was no other option, and although I'd rather take a cold shower than not shower at all, I was shivering within seconds lol. It must've been the fastest shower I've ever taken.

    Parkour? Nice. I have friends who take parkour lessons every Sunday in the city - maybe you should join them. On a side note, parkour practitioners have such great physiques. So nicely toned and muscled. And no, that's not the reason why I'm friends with them. xD
  10. Now bow to me! =]]

    I hope it doesn't rain but I think it will. Summer should be all blue skies and sun shine! Instead we get clouds and weird weather. I'm cold right now for heaven's sake. What happened to the heat wave from two days ago?

    I'm gonna go get some ice cream now. I have cravings lol. Take care ravie! =]]
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