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  1. Well ... nothing actually xD
    It's my mom's birthday today, but I'm not sure if I wanna go out to dinner or something.

    I know, right? I like running in the rain. I ran about a kilometre in the rain, fell in the mud ... but had fun Man, I'm out of shape lol
    I do have many chocolates in my house. I eat most of 'em >=)
  2. Hey lol. I bought some pre-wrapped boxes of chocolates for Chirstmas for my favourite teachers, and a pack of small but very cute Hallmark Christmas cards. Fun stuff. Now I've gotta write in them. =]]

    I've also hung up some Christmas decorations around the house. I wanted to put out Christmas lights too, but the weather's been so bad these past few weeks. Rain and storm, rain and storm, sunshower, rainbows. How awesome lol.

    What have you been doing in preparation for Christmas?
  3. Hey Kid ^_^
  4. Have fun, yo.
  5. I'm planning to see the film Australia either tonight or tomorrow night. I feel obligated to lol. Plus, Hugh Jackman is hotness. =]]
  6. Let's hope iron Man was good
  7. Maybe you should take it to a comp shop, just in case.
    Yeah it's nice & cool now. I'm gonna go now. Have a good night. =]
  8. I fixed the darn machine. Hope it holds. It's cloudy now.
  9. Are you hiding again? =]
    Gosh today was so hot.
  10. Thanks, and no thanks xDD
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