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  1. Well because she was drunk, and we've never met before, I didn't take her too seriously. I won't wrestle with my conscience over a drunken stranger. =]
  2. Oh so you noticed my absence? xD

    Haha yeah I've been pretty busy with the new year. Lots of post-Christmas shopping to do, but the partying bit was particularly interesting this time. I learned to play this torture card game where the losers get physically tortured (not that I played, but it was scary to watch!), then a drunk bisexual girl who I've never met before asked me out (too bad for her that I'm straight, but I've never had to turn down a girl before lol), then one of my friends spewed for about 2 hours straight 'cuz she had too much to drink or something, then I got to hold a guinea pig for the first time in my life (wish it was a red eyed white bunny though =]), and I'll tell you some more interesting things when I remember lol. I had fun. xDD
  3. Lol, nice innuendo. I came indeed. xD

    Actually, I don't know what you're talking about lol. Where did I go?

    So what've you been up to in the first 5 days of 'o9? =]
  4. Haha check out how many birthdays we have on AO today. I wonder why so many people are born around this time of year. xD
  5. I was annoying my sister before. She told me to shut up about a hundred times, before she gave up and kicked me instead. My arm's gonna bruise now. LOL.
  6. *b!tch slap* I'm not old! =O
  7. New pics?

    Haha is someone desperate to see lil ol' me? xD
  8. Hey, I take offense to that! xD

    Well I didn't just shop at Myer lol. I bought some stuff for my sisters and my mum. =]
  9. I'm good lol. I went to Myer today, and the massive discounts made my day (rhymeeeeee I'm such a genius =]). I bought quite a lot and only spent $80 all up. I love bargains.

    Ohkay you can stop with the history lesson. xD
  10. I see. o.o

    That was an interesting history lesson. I like historical facts. =]]
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