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  1. Haha a mix between philosophy and raging hormones? Nice. I like that. xD

    Santa > you. =]

    Inca calendar? What's that? =O
  2. Sometimes I forget that you're like the same age as me. Weird isn't it? You seem a little older or something lol. Try being a kid, like me. =]

    Whaattt? It's true though - Santa flies via his sledge which is pulled by reindeers! =O

    Rudolph the rednose reindeer is my favourite. =]
  3. Stacking it? Lol, it's like teen talk for tripping/falling over. We create our own vocabulary you see. xD

    Santa can't fly, but his reindeers can. =]

    Mom? What are you, American now? LOL. She reckons I should "act my age", so that means no photos with fake Santa. =]
  4. Of course I'm funny. I get laughed at for stacking it on the stairs.

    Haha Santa? No way!! Santa is a good guy who doesn't smoke/drink/do drugs =]]

    I wanted to line up with the kids at Westfields the other day & have my picture taken with Santa. Too bad my mother wouldn't let me. xD
  5. Giving is so fun. =]

    Homer. xD
  6. I don't see the point in giving out meaningless presents, so if I can't think of anything good to give, I don't give. Simple! =]

    But then again, I always think of something good lol. It might be a little late, but it's better than nothing. xD
  7. Haha, I think it's a really nice present. It's a cute little digital photo-frame with a Christmas theme, and I've already filled it with heaps of photos of us from primary. I'm such a genius. xD
  8. Passive aggressive? How does that work? xD

    I don't see Josh 'til tomorrow actually, lol. He had to spend time with his family & I had to work. I'm working tomorrow as well from 6am but I'll finish at around 2pm so we're meeting after that. I'm exciteddddd. =]]

    Wanna know what I got him for Christmas? xDD

    I'll be back in 10mins =]
  9. Haha so I'm sarcastically funny now? Nice. xDD

    I worked from 6am to 6:30pm today. Gosh I'm tired lol. Well if we'd sold everything then we'd get to pack up earlier, 'cuz there would be nothing to sell, but we didn't sell everything today, so we had to pack up at normal time. Dang.
  10. I lack a sense of humour. xD

    They should at least translate the recipes into English. I mean, it'd suck if you put way too much salt in or something.

    Lucky's been alright. He stinks right now lol. I need to wash him, but I'm hoping someone else will do it lol. Keeping a dog is hard work alright. =]

    I hope we get a swarm of customers - once everything sells out, I get to go home.
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