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  1. Lol, I make a habit of changing the topic of a convo. xD

    So are you a good cook? =]

    I've been alright lol. Bit lazy today, 'cuz the sun aint shining. Hope it's sunny tomorrow though. Christmassssss, and I'll be working. LOL. =]
  2. It's more like, I feel bad because I don't understand them, and it makes them uncomfortable as they try to repeat themselves, and knowing that they're uncomfortable because of me.. does that make more sense? Lol, I'll stop there. xD

    How long will you be training? =]

    Oh come on, that was once lol. xD
  3. This might sound weird, but I feel bad every time I can't understand someone who's speaking accented or broken English. Is that just me?

    Haha training in the city, work in Strathfield? Nice. xD

    I am not [a lil] mean.
  4. Why is everything in Korean? Are the owners Korean? I wanna visit you at work one day. =]

    You just wanted to be like me? Lol! What do you mean?
  5. LOL, 'sif you could bear not talking to meeeeee. xDD

    Oh wow you do the cooking? I hope you don't poison the food. =] It's good that you'll be working with nice & friendly people. I mean, they can't be meaner than you, right? xD
  6. For that I won't talk to you. >_>
  7. Just got back from the city - have I mentioned how much I love Capitol building? xD

    I don't like KFC much, but hey lol. How'd training go? Did you scare their customers away? =]
  8. Lol not Central station xD
    Have you heard of Broadway hotel? It's near UTS. Just along that line =]

    It's called BBQ chicken and its much better than KFC.
  9. Central station? Haha no way, I'll be around that part of the city today. Four Holidays will be screening for $9 at Greater Union this week. I'll probably see that today. =]]

    Training for which job? Sounds like fun lol. xD
  10. Hey I'm getting training for my new job ... and it's in Central.
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