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  1. Ohh okay well then the best of luck with that
  2. So bye see you later if I managed to at least make 5 pages!^^
  3. That much?! Well I guess... it's well known , girls think about pervs thinks at least once a day while there is only once a day while guys don't...
    I won't delete my previous post I have an essay to write (10 pages) so I must leave and concentrate (I'm at it since 17.00^^")
  4. Well if you can and want to delete it, then sure, but i still don't think you're a perv, what you might write or think, is nothing compared to what i'm used to listen to every day
  5. Don't worry! happy!
    I know it wasn't your thinking! Well I guessed...
    Don't mind if I delete my previous message? I wouldn't like your visitors being shocked by my perv mind...T_T" I don't know if I should joke about it or if I should cry...
  6. Sorry it's was'nt meent to sound like that.... Sorry
  7. In Paris too (we have an ice rink that's it) but it's not that cold to have the water to freeze... so it was really strange but I always trusted that it's really cold in Denmark...~,~(confused)
    And please stop saying such perv stuffs! * well I say so but I really don't mind!^^* Wild nights... he!... I would have some =.= well I shouldn't say that(according to my friends I'm too young to have this kind of throughts) ... but it was just nights talking about the past...around a rhum
  8. Hey! it's not that cold up here but i don't know about the frozen lake, but we do have an ice rink but it's a little like you had a good time and a wild night
  9. My trip was great but I didn't sleep really much... friday I slept 2 hours and sathurday not even that much... T_T"
    Near by the hotel there was an freezed lake ... I still can't belive it but I walked on it!
    I'm sure for you n denmark it's not such a big deal but for me it was the first time... ^.^
    And I kinda drink a lot ... but it was cool except the headache sunday morning!
  10. So... How was your trip then it's nice to have you back again
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