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  1. hello ?
  2. haha nice!cali is ok but paris is all cool and stuffwhats the style over there huh?or is paris really that different?in california its really tight pantsbut the mexicans can be gangster.hah it's no fair.i have semi tight pants(thats what everyone tells me)im like a skater that dosnt skate anymore
  3. Sorry I wasn't at home all this weekend so I couldn't answer you...
    It's true that I live in Paris! And it's not that cool I mean California is still better... isn't it?
    Sun, sea, beach isn't it great? here in Paris it's always chlly from fall to the start of the summer... and it rains kinda often! (every 2 days)
    Well with internet everything is possible and you should know that France is the country with the second best sells of manga so a lot of people wanted to see the animes... So you could say that 1/3 of the people are otakus ;p
    Sorry if I looked tricky but I didn't mean to. Really! I don't speak english fluently enough to be sly and I don't want to ... ^^
  4. i didnt even know that they had anime in parisand you talk all like smart and stuff!im not jus a little dumb
  5. ok i dont know if i believe the paris thingforeal?thats hecka cool!i live in america.california to be exact.
  6. Nice to meet you chris...
    I wonder... is everything must be true?
    If you want the trust then my name is Jovana, 14 living in Paris...
    I won't apologie but you didn't have to either... ;p
    Well then let's be friends!^^
    PS I don't mind the joking part at all...
  7. hello im a person who found your page at randommy names chris and im lie you can look at my page it said so.and anything on the internet has to be true right?hah sorry for the time you wasted reading this..and you should say sorry for the time i wasted writing thishah jus kidding(warning i kid alot...)oh yeah do you wanna be my friend?
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