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  1. yeah... i'd have to agree... ^^,

    and i guess i feel like i'm where i belong... haha.

    hm... so what are your plans in the near future by the way? ^^,
  2. That's why it's my first choice... ;p
    haha , no just joking I don't want to become designer or psychologist just because it can bring money... well that's sure that I wouldn't say no to a job where I'd be able to earn bucks but in life money isn't all...^^
    And 40 years doing a job that you hate! 0.o I couldn't stand it!
  3. wow... you're the second psychologist wannabe i've met...

    but interior design aint that bad you know... ^^,
    u hear id's make lotsa money. and good ones get to work at celebities' homes... cool!!!
  4. ^^
    I want to be interior designer... but I'm stillnot sure so maybe I'll change my wish...
    But I want it to be something in art or If art doesn't work I want to psychologist
  5. haha... yeah... i believe it kinda is... i'm still crossing my fingers and hoping for the best... what course would you wish to take anyway... ^^,
  6. scary... that is! plus you have to choose when you're still at school what you're going to do for the next 40 years.
    By the way, that time is closer for you than it is for me... so must be even scarier... @_@
  7. yeah... i know... it feels so far away but at the ate we're moving, it seems like we're traveling at the speed of light. haha... O_O scary...
  8. In a few years that's it!^^ But it seem so far away and yet so close!
  9. yeah... good luck to us... and hopefully we'll get to hold a college diploma in a few years... haha. XD
  10. Yeah that was what I meant (about high school)... but you're right having college diploma doesn't mean you're find a job immediatly... u_u
    So do I!^^
    Good luck to you too...
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