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  1. I had to work on Saturday to catch up on work, so overall it was very blah.
  2. Hi!
    I'm back!^^
    How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it!
  3. Thanks have a good weekend too!
  4. I'm always online...:/ kinda sad xD

    Well I'll see you around and you have good weekend. hopefully you enjoy the show.
  5. I was busy these days so I didn't have time to watch anything... yesterday I finished what I was watching so I looked a little around to see what kimi ga nozomu eien was talking about.. it really looks great!^^ I'll start it today and talk about it with you later... I think that I won't be able to connect from friday to monday so if you don't connect tonight ... I'll say you bye and see you next week...^^
  6. OK I'll do that but I first have to finish DN angel I'm at episode 22 I think...
  7. Hmmm I dont know how to tell you without spoiling the show. Trust me just go youtube it or something for one ore two episodes and see if you like it.
  8. Nope. What's that about?
  9. You like drama-type?? Have you seen Kimi ga nozomu eien?
  10. I don't either but the most that I read/ watch were from those genres and I also love comedy!^^
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