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  1. I usually just read and watch whatever is good, but I do stay away from yaoi/yuri xD. One particular genre I do love is comedy. Like Azumanga Daioh for one.

    I just tend to watch anything that's good so I dont stick to one genre.
  2. Well I don't like Sci-fi , mecha and Ecchi very much...
    I like shounens with action and horror... every psychologicals mangas...
    I like shoujo as well but more the drama-type(when it makes you very sad that you even cry sometimes...
    And the perv' page: yaoi (I guess that guys actually hate that... just like I do with yuri or hentai...)
    Anyway what about you?
  3. Oh darn, I always have a bad habit of replying in my old profile instead of the person's. lol

    So what kind of manga and anime are you into?
  4. lol, I see I see so what you doing here keeping you from being bored?
    Was it a reply to me?
    If it is, then yes I'm here to escape my super boring life.... NO wait!!! I first decided to join to talk about mangas, I mean animes... and my life is not that boring... ;p
  5. I do!^^ Everybody's friendly so yeah I do... yet I didn't go on the forum very much so far... that'll be for later!=p
  6. Good, do you like AO so far?
  7. Hi! How do you do?
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