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  1. I haven't talked to Rave in a while. Long long long time ago. We are not really caught up in each others life these days.

    And nah you did just disappear, and you took Danny with you. XD
  2. I am really sorry for not telling you guys i was going off AO for awhile. lol I think i was away for like 1 or 2 years. So did you and Rave worked out a deal? I remember you two were having an argument.
  3. Aw man has it been crazy, but anywho its been a while/ How are you? You like disappeared from the face of teh planet, what no byes? Nah man I am just kidding. I am just happy AO works on so many other sites that don't. "Ahem" thank you Jesus/ I really need this/ Woot/
  4. Hey there Mr. K, its been a long time since last time we talked, how you been?
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