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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it. Now I don't have to worry about how to ask him.
  2. Okay I will ^ ^................................................. ...........
  3. Thanks dark angle. I will. I just hope that you mentioned me to him, otherwise he will think I'm a stalker or something.
  4. Umm like peroxes? hmm ask dark1angel he may know he is a good friend of mine.
  5. I hope that I can access them. The school that I'm going to has blocked it. Hey, do you know how to get past blocks that are powered by DansGuardian?
  6. Oh yeah that wouldn't be good well I hope you get it working soon. ^^
  7. Not really. I just hope that my emails are unblocked soon. I can't access my college mail other wise.
  8. Oh man well that sucks well not for you XD but awesome! lol
    So anything else new going on with chu?.?
  9. Because of the snow. It interfered with school days and we didn't have snow days or whatever in place.
  10. Oh wow well that's good you didn't have to go ^^ so o.o why did they have to go to school on a Saturday?.?
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