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  1. My weekend was awsome. My school decided to make saturday a school day but seniors didn't have to go. So I had the TV to my self, which means I could watch my shows with out anyone complianing or changing it because they didn't like it.
  2. Thanks ^^ I love it cause it's a heart ^^ So how was your weekend?
  3. I love the new avatar, dark angle. It's awsome, I wish I could put it in my album.
  4. Oh okay cool your lucky! ^_^ so how was it?????????????????????????????
  5. I just got done with my spring break. That why I didn't answer your message until today. Talk to you later!
  6. My spring brake is in April.... so yeah XD April 21st and 22nd I think....
  7. I celebrated my sister and brother's birthdays that weekend. How did your spring break go?
  8. Yeah, so anything plan this weekend? My bf has been an ass so far I don't know how much longer its gonna last its been kinda bumpy this week....
  9. Nothing is wrong I just couldn't think of an answer. Thank you for asking, I appreciate it.
  10. What's wrong????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????
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