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  1. Hey, man. It's been way too long. How the heck are you?
  2. thats not funny because can kill you. im not joking theres this evil bunny that bites people throats and the only way to kill it is with the Holy Hand grenade.
    heres the evidence
  3. hahaha. well, that solves it. I'm gonna go get meh bunny and take a little trip west. ^ ^
  4. Lol, id love it if you threw a bunny at me. it'd make my day
  5. ^ ^ yay, I made you laugh. But you know, if you get that gun, I'll just have to fine something else to throw at you. ^ ^ like... a bunny!
  6. LOL.....haha. im going to have to get a gun that shoots potatoes to keep u away.
  7. good! I'm glad you're feeling a little better. every little bit counts.
    you're lucky, if you said you were feeling bad I was going to have to beat you with a potato. ^ ^
  8. a little, what about you?? (try to get more pain meds)lol
  9. hey, buddy. how are you feeling?
    Any better today?
  10. ah, I'm so glad to see you today. How are you, friend?
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