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  1. do you have MSN?
  2. I dont either. I hate it.
  3. its ok......and wats up with it has 2 be at least 50 letters.......i dont get that lol
  4. you replied correctly this time!!!!!! yay!! and I know. I'm sorry about that.
  5. well i was gone see if austin would wanna go wid me but i was only gone go if u was
  6. no I am not... WAY too much drama for my taste. ^ ^ and like I said before, if you want me to respond you your messages, after reading this, click on my name, that will take you to my profile and leave your reply there. I dont get notified when you leave posts on your own page. ok?
  7. hey. I'm talking to a friend and posting around the forums. what about you?
  8. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wat u doin.......^.^ =] lol
  9. sweet. next time, leave me a message on my page. WAY more noticible.
  10. hey kc. why dont you call Austin? (bump bump bump bump)
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