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  1. mmmm, no Idea. I think she just wanted to freak my stepdad out. ^ ^
    She's awsome/
  2. that's unusual, why that color
  3. oh, ok. well, I hope you start feeling better and get outside a bit too. ^ ^
    My mom just dyed her hair blue... OMG!
  4. Eh I'm so-so. It's a beatiful day outside on MLK day and I'm inside working.
  5. Hey Legend.
    How's it going?
  6. thank you. I hope so too. I'm hopping to mend a few broken relations and meating new people along the was is just a plus. ^ ^
  7. I hope you enjoy your stay at AO this time
  8. thank you for the friend request. ^ ^ i'm very greatful.
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