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  1. yeah. she's awesome. at least now I wont have to worry about the other meanies stabbing me in the wrong spot when changing my IV needle.
  2. Yeah, if they were nice, I'll care. Wow, she can be your big sis huh? ^_^
  3. well, she come in, in about half an hour. guess what, she asked how the other nurse have been to me and I told her that have been really mean, (which is true) and she got all new nurses who are reall nice. so Christina has been awsome. though, I had a nurse named Abby lastnight and Kate today.
  4. Has Christina been taking care of you? ^_^
  5. no. they wont see me until tomorrow.
  6. Did you get it checked then?
  7. the liver is getting back to normal. but the pain... it's pretty bad. my the area around my pancreas hurts too. plus they think I may have another infection in my right kedney.
  8. 1/4 of the original drugs? thats could be a good sign ...
    is the liver improving?
  9. well, I'm hurting a bit more today.
    they're only giving me about a 4th of the meds they've been giving me
    so... PAIN!
  10. -hugs back- Well we can pm now uh?
    I'm feeling okay, how are you?
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