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  1. Hey, sorry it took so long ... thanks for earlier and I hope you get on soon!
  2. Hey, this is Levi, Kasey's BF. I haven't been able to get on because of the tropical storm so sorry for the delay; But Kasey says Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a good one dude!
  3. Im fine ... do you know anyone named "naemia" [or something like that] on here?
  4. nope. not a thing. I'm dealing wth it better than I though. so, I guess I'm ok for now. anyway, how are you?
  5. Oh ... I am so sorry ... is there anything bothering you? I'm here
  6. wow that's... unexspected... when I contacted you with that message... I was really upset. I'm stable now. I was upset because two of my best friends died last night... but dont worry about me. like I said, I'm stable now.
  7. Oh yes sure! I was planning to talk to you today anyway ^_^
  8. hey... I need a friend... would it be alright if we talked?
  9. oh, now I'm charming? ^ ^ thank you!
    how are you doing these days?
  10. Haha, you look as charming as always. Hows things?
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