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  1. Haha ... took you a while to reply.
  2. ah, that my fever needs to come down. lol naturally. ^ ^
  3. What did the nice nurse say?
  4. Rushil!! Don't be mean to me! It's uncomfortable to lay in the same place for hours and hours on end!!! grr!! lol
  5. Kasey is being kind of hardheaded, though. lol I'm gonna tell on her. ^ ^ She has to quit moving around so much or her stitches are going to come loose again. maybe you can help my talk some since into her. lol
  6. Phew, that's better than what I assumed.
  7. The fever wont effect it at all. But with her history, it's still not looking too good. It will take maybe another week or so to get the liver completely back on a normal track.
  8. It's okay! You've done so much for her, I'm truly greateful. How long will the liver take to recover? I hope the fever doesn't affect it's recovery.
    I'll call you the Ice cream Angel from now on.

    ..Meh, crappy joke.
  9. Christina: She should be fine. She's got a bit of a fever but I'm going to up her meds.
    She's in a lot of pain. Those other nurses are idiots because they dont know who to properly take care of a person... and I'm sorry but those nurses make me mad when they do that.
  10. I'm okay, I'm bored. How is Kasey going to be?
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