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  1. lol. I'm glad you're enjoying my misery. I really dont like mini skirts.
  2. Ehehehe ... haha ...
  3. lol Pizza. it's really good too. you know what, this is really funny, my visitor is a really close friend, he brought me clothes to go home in. and he chose something I wouldn't normally wear. haha (mini skirt) and now I'm gonna have to wear it because that's all I have to wear home. ^ ^ and he was the only person willing to go through total body disinfecting just to come into my room. everyone else just looks through the glass wall and pushes the little button. ^ ^
  4. What's for din din?
  5. lol. no. just been dringking it a lot more today because the dye still isn't outta my system and I had a visitor, which is why I left. then they brought me dinner. ^ ^ *is eating now*
  6. If you drink too much water you think you're gonna throw it out, right? xP

    Btw, tell her I said hi ... hmm, ice cream and banana.
  7. uh. Rushil you're so mean.
    and why do you feel crappy?
  8. Guh, damn ... makes it harder to make fun of them.
    I just drank two glasses of water, and man it feels ... crappy xD
  9. no. none of them are fat. and I ate a bananna. and I drank a LOT of water.
  10. They're fat aren't they? Just a guess.
    What did you eat today?
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