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  1. I had this huge romance going on.. well I loved him, and the romance totally crashed. We dated for 1 year and then he broke it off. It sucks though. He was my best friend. He is still on here but hasn't gotten on since July. We talked over the summer.
  2. oh ok. lol. well, to be very honest with you, my parents were not allowing me to be online for a while. what about you?
  3. I guess that what I meant.. hee hee I knew that you told me about that. what made you leave?
  4. well, thank you. I'm not exactly new. I've been around for about 3 years. I just recently made my return thought. I'm glad to see that you're doing well.
  5. Aww thanks Im good! ^^ I am just trying to mett all the new ppl here! you are one of them!
  6. hello. you sent me a friend request? how are you? (...................)
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