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  1. ok. goodnight, Levi. *hugs you back* I'll call you tomorrow.
  2. ah. Well, I suspected. Babe, I gtg to bed. I love you, and I'll be dreaming of you, promise.
    *hugs* I love you babygirl, night. *kiss forehead*
  3. I just cant believe Kyle would do that.
  4. you sure babe? You said once you told me you felt better come on baby I love you
  5. nope. no word from Jacob. and I dont really wanna talk about it.
  6. I know I'm not either but I need to get to bed too. I'll give you till 1 then no more computer, only bed. whats on your mind sweetheart? and any word on coming over?
  7. I'm not tired.... to much on my mind...
  8. Yo, back on. And that's ok. Just try to get to bed.. in like 10 minutes
  9. aw... goodnight. confession... I couldn't sleep last night, I didn't get to bed till about 5:30 AM...
  10. ah, well I have to go to bed. I'm getting up at 4 again.
    btw, your bedtime is still 12-12:30 (two hours from now!) no acceptions!
    Love you baby. Goodnight.
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