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  1. aw... *puts my face in my hands* I'm sorry... I was making smores for my family and it was after 10 when I thought about calling you... I'm so sorry.
  2. Hey baby, weren't you going to call so we could pray?
  3. Kasey! My phone cut off and you never called me back! It was after 10 and your dad was all "GRR!!!!" so I waited for you to call back but you never did... Just to let you know I didn't hang up on you
  4. Hello my lover ^_^ how are you doing baby? I'm glad you had fun on our 3 month anni.
  5. hey baby, I just missed you! You got off as I was logging on XD
    I loved giving you a good 4th of July! I hope you enjoyed laying under the stars, watching fireworks with me; because I loved it!
  6. I love you baby, hope you are feeling well ^_^ get well soon my love, ok?
  7. I love you, Levi. ^.^ ^_^ ^ ^ you're so cool. thank you for caring for me while I've been sick.
  8. *grins* haven't gotten one of these in a while have you? lol. *hearts*
  9. lol. wow I'm glad you like my picture. ^ ^ I *heart* you. CALL ME!
  10. hey Kitten, I love your pic baby. I hope to be at church with you sunday. Love you, Kitten. -Your loving BF, Levi
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