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  1. I've been ok. how about you? whatcha been doing all this time?
  2. wow it has been forever lol how ya been?
  3. hey buddy. hows it going. gosh it seems like it been forever. (five months) lol. my mother said I'm allowed online now. *shock* ^ ^ so message me soon please.
  4. i kno lol your 4 months from my b-day and i think u might have but you kno my brain lol forgot
  5. I'll be 16 on the 10th. by the way... I love you in August!
    (did I already explain?)
  6. *hugs back* have fun
  7. *hugs* I loves my Zero. ^ ^ I'm only on for a second because I have company. but I just wanted to say "Hi" ! I loves you like a best friend that you are. ^ ^ later
  8. lol thats weird realy weird o.O i think i got a stalker.......awesome
  9. lol. WOW! ...maybe... I am watching you.... lol. ^ ^ how do I do that! seriously, how can I guess what you're doing? *is freaked out by myself*
  10. lol thats funny cuz im drinking one now hahahahahahahaha
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