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  1. Zero... I gotta say it... *hits your forhead with the palm of my hand* you should have had a V8... ^ ^ lol
  2. lol i kno late rply but ok lol real late hahahahaha
  3. yo. I'll try to get back online. I have to go for about half a hour. so, I'll see if I'll bo on a 7. ok? later for now. (hopfully)
  4. sure do lol lets go (whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo)
  5. lol. hey buddy. you have time for flashchat? (free space, free space, free space)
  6. lol well same to you (poasgpinsrngpenithnp;rjfmgmndl)
  7. hey. good to see that you're back. lol (free space, Free space, free space)
  8. and im back haha feels good to be back lol silly 50 char thingy
  9. lol sorry i dident tell u i was gona be gone for a few days lol but il be back tommorrow around 1 see u then
  10. hey man. we should talk soon. this is me missing my friends. ^ ^ lol Miss you bunches man. pm me anytime!
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