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  1. I havent seen much on it, but from what I saw I was kind of unimpressed, but I guess we'll see? I wasnt a Dragonball Fan to begin with, I only like DBZ lol. But I want to see the King Piccolo vs Goku fight in DB, I never saw that.
  2. i think the action and special effects look cool.
    but i dont think they should have linked it to dbz
  3. Omg the new dragon ball movie? That looks really corny man
  4. yeh i know. and their games and show are cool to. im hope they dont ruin it with the movie
  5. Lmao hey nice to meet you professional teenager, XD. I also like the color green the most out of the rest of the colors. You like DBZ too eh? Good stuff, too bad its not credited enough.
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