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  1. thats pretty cool .
  2. cuz u can c the changes u make on the world beyond the lives u directly influence, and i want 2 experience everything life has to offer, whether good or negative. izmy dream, and i dont mind any who put it down as long as they have a dream they follow.
  3. thats cool. I'm not really into the whole denom thing or religion for that matter. cause its more about
    the relationship with Jesus Christ and accepting him as your Lord and personnel Savior. I do have one question though not to put you down or anything but why would you want to
    be immortal in this crapy deteriorating world?
  4. i was always raised christian, first in a catholic family, then my mom now couldnt decide what kind of church she liked best so we flitted church to church, but i never really saw god as real nor his son. it was the CelebrateFreedom 2000 concert that i truly realized what he had done for me. im a christoc cuz i havent seen 1 pastor get it completely. that isnt to say that dont get it at all, just there r some points they spout that i cant fall in line with.
  5. very well put. so how did you come to know Jesus ?
  6. im christoc. iz a branch that doesnt rely on the dogma of certain denoms, and i wouldnt force anyting on anyone. tht iz just silly, if u do force others u cant tell if they truly mean it or if they r just trying to get u off their back.
  7. umm non denominational. I just try to influence people by how i act not trying to shove God on them.
    how bout you what denom are you?
  8. ahhhh, i was wondering if u were christian. well yes in that way we will live forever, but i dont think god would allow me to experience evrything i would want to. that isnt to say im not christian, im just of a different side of christianity than u. what denom r u, if u dont mind me asking?
  9. its just different. but thats pretty cool. if you think about it we will all live for eternity.
    where you spend it just depends on if you ask God to come into your life or not.
  10. it may seem childish, but i want to find a way to become immortal. not that crappy memory immortality thing, but actual live for as long as u want immortality. i want to experience everything, and i can only do that if im immortal. to say there is a very little chance that would happen is an understatement. does it seem a little crazy tht i actually think it may be possible?
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