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  1. having a band and touring man. thats the biggie. what are the dreams you dont think will happen?
  2. thnx man, i really appreciate it. ur right dreams can keep u alive. i have a couple dreams that will never come tru, but i still hope. u?
  3. hey some times dreams keep you alive man. hmm I have some real nerd friends who are good
    with comps so Ill ask around and try to get some info for you
  4. yea i do. this totally sx! i was looking forward 2 blasting some space frak and destroying some anciet alien civilations. i know that probably wouldnt happen but hey i guy can dream right?
  5. man that does suck. do you have java script installed and on?
  6. nope, the bottom thing says done, and the symbol in the upper right doesnt move. this totally sx.
  7. ummm well thats the window where you play the game. does the bar load at all?
  8. k now, uh its doing the same thing. i press the start button and it opens a new window. the new window has text letting me know that im about to dive into the galaxy and has some tips, but then it just sits there. i let it sit there for about 5-10 minutes and nothing. help? any ideas?
  9. ok first stay with the first ship they give you unless you get a free repair from the galaxy gate
    (on the top bar it shows trade, quests, and a bunch of stuff. one will be galaxy gate. you get 2
    free energies each day.) then save your uridium to 5000 and buy the number 3 repair bot
    youll thank me later. other than that theres not a whole lot I can do unless i was like there
    while you were tell me when your done all that and then ill give you some more tips.
  10. sizzle yizzle! that means yes. what can u tell me about dark orbit? ill be getting on later 2night so i just want some tips for later play.
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