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  1. awww nice. its hecka faster huh ?
  2. bugboy, i just got the wireless so im gonna check on darkorbit 2mrrw
  3. its cool I'm the same way. so I know what you mean its just not
  4. neither and yet both. i know it doesnt seem to make sense, but thats me! i dont make sense at all!!!
  5. thats cool. are you exited or nervous ?
  6. if i can get some stuff straightened out i might get in earlier, but if not september.
  7. yeah that does suck. so when do you go into the army?
  8. yeah it sx! i cant even get on but for an hour a night. somtimes i get a break and hop online earlier but thats few and far between.
  9. man that sucks dude .
  10. bluelight dialup. it sucks but its the best we can get here.
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