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  1. yeah same here. what internet service do you have ?
  2. well we were supposed to get wireless which will solve the speed prob. but i have no idea when we will get it. im not that big of a geek either, mostly in-game tips and tricks are my specialty.
  3. Ummm get a new internet service maybe? I'm not that big of a geek.haha
  4. srry 4 the delay but there is god news and bad news. good: it was quik and easy 2 switch servers,
    bad: my computer sucks so it wouldnt load anything when i pushed the start button. it just loaded a page with some text and then wouldnt do anything else.

    any ideas?
  5. Its kinda a waist of uridium but you go to clan then click company and switch to mars for 5,000 uridium.
    hopefully you can just change servers
  6. ill be on at about 8 or 9 o'clock 2mrrw morning and i will try to change servers but if i cant, how do i change companies, if i can without making a new account. if icant, iz fine.
  7. umm. if you go usa east than I could help you out. Or you'd have to join mars(I have three different accounts
  8. earth company, usa west, and i dont know what u mean record. i havent done any thing yet on the orbit, going to explore whats in my base then i might try some things.
  9. sweet. which company are you with and what server. what was on your record? if im getting to personal just tell me
  10. btw im dark obiting now so now what do i do? im known as Lestatus
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