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  1. green. i like it combined with purple too .
  2. thanks it's very sweet of you... and i think my fav colour is purple, i like blue too tho what about u?
  3. m k. if you need to talk to someone ill listen. other than that whats your favorite color?
    (i know it was random)lol
  4. well not to much actually pretty much the same as normal but im trying to talk to lots of ppl right now to keep my mind of off some things
  5. yeah seriously. so what new with you ?
  6. yah at least u kno part of the song then thats always a good thing
  7. yeah thanks. i just learned 21 guns by greenday which was awesome. but no 1 is teaching the solo. which sucks but whatever
  8. yah its really difficult but im sure it gets easier as time goes on and the more you work at it the more sure of urself u should become
  9. yeah thats kinda messed. ugh its so hard to fit music to lyrics. i know how i want it to sound but i just cant play it. but i can make some other music but cant find words for it. and i dont really know anyone to help me out. i solute bands that have made it. i knew it was hard but no idea it was this hard
  10. yah me to it would make him happy, im not sure what the program was called i'll have to ask him about it... and yesterday wow i found out my best bud who moved to alberta is recording a demo tape but he's playing base i was like what u mean u wouldn't play the base i have for our bad but up their u'll do anything to fit it.. it's just like him, but seriously y would u go to a recording studio to tape a demo kinda stupid they do cost a lot
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