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  1. yah those sound like cool things to do and well i game sometimes just not to often im not that great at them and well yah... your life doesn't have to be boaring tho there is always soemthign u can do that will make it less boaring
  2. thats cool. Umm i play video games, i also draw manga sometimes. skateboard is something I
    just got into. other than that i cant really think of anything else. my life is useually pretty boring
    with alotta crap thrown in for good
  3. well i like to draw anime... i have an english project that i have to draw a manga for it's kinda irritateing .. but well i like honestly... i kinda like to make ppl feel better mentialy i like it when ppls are happy lol ..what about u?
  4. just in general .
  5. in music or in general? and yah i looked up project 86 ^^ he he he
  6. yeah. oh some others are underoath and project 86. there both really good. so what else are
    you into?
  7. my favorite song by coal chamber is prolly sway he he he it's pretty cool and yah they do i like it
  8. bring me the horizon has some sick guitar and I like coal chambers song clock
  9. some bands would be bring me the horizon, through the eyes of the dead, as blood runs black, slayer, and coal chamber
  10. ok sweet. so what are some bands you listen to ?
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