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  1. no but i will right now actually yah.. i have time ^^
  2. hey sorry i havent been on for awhile. so did you check those bands out yet
  3. well i get on before i go to school and sometimes in class then i don't go on much after school so yah ^^ but yah haste the day is cool and alright i will try to look them up ^^
  4. yeah haste the day are tite. and i love the beggining of babylon. some others to check out would
    be red,demon hunter, and decipher down are all really good too. why do you post so early?
  5. i really like haste the day: needles, 68 has good double kicks sounds kinda nice, i like the beginning riff in madman, and babylon is pretty sweet.... for project86 well independence? i like the base riff at the begining but it sounds kinda like a band that fallowed the trend of rage against the machine.. i still like rage against better some of their stuff is good but yah he he he and thanks for the bands it's really nice of u to show them to me ^^ i think it's just the combination of rap and metal that reminds me of them .. but yah i do like spy hunter lol it's cool lol
  6. ok i will.... misewell in a few mins i gots time my friend is sleeping in so no one is on so i think i can do that now ^^
  7. lol I guess. hey you sed you like hardcore rock right? check out haste the day, and project86
  8. wow that's pretty cool ^^ and awww sounds so cute lol
  9. oh yeah I have more on my right hand that I where everyday. and im wearing my
    dr. suess 1 fish 2 fish
  10. it looks like a regular power chord to me ... but awww i like the bunny stuffed animal in the background so cute ha ha and ur bracelet is funny ^^ yah i kno kinda nosy but it's cute so i think it's alright lol
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