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  1. ok will do i think i will right now actually thank you ^^
  2. hey I posted the chored in my album and said how to play it so check it out when you get a chance
  3. ill upload a picture of it on my album so you can check it out. yeah my teachers hecka cool
    he grew up and played with stevie ray voughn
  4. that's great and u have a teacher thata must be pretty great at times.. but im sure u'll do well with the song i bet it'll turn out really great.. and what cord is it?
  5. well like I said ive been writing lyrics for awhile now so im always trying to put music to them
    but its hard to get the sound i have in my head to the guitar cause i dont know what the chord
    should be. but I am working on this one song right now thats coming together pretty good.
    my teacher taught me this chord thats melodic on the virge of creepy.its so awesome
  6. yah sometimes ...i play metal and classic sometimes but i like death metal the best but my bro likes regular metal so we make songs together sometimes.. we are twins so we get along decent lol but we both have a different style on guitar it can be kinda messed lol... what about u?
  7. yeah its useually cool all around. so do you make up your own tunes when playing guitar?
  8. rivals ? ha ha ha that's kinda amusing and cute to either way it doesn't sound to bad
  9. if someone also plays games you either become best friends or worst
  10. wow sick lol i recognize all of those games but only their names never played before... i bet you would get along nicely with my bf lol
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