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  1. on systems, I play halo,assassins creed,killzone 2,final fantasy VII,call of duty, and some other miscellaneous games like that. online I play adventure quest,aq worlds,dark orbit, and I just started playing maple story
  2. well i used to play this one game wonder land ... but other then that not many lol what games do u play?
  3. so what other games do you play ?
  4. yah it's always more fun with peoples that you know
  5. thats cool. yeah its always more fun to play games with friends
  6. yah it is but when u play it with ppl u already kno it's kinda cool cuz it's like u with them running into other ppl i don't really do it for the game it's just i have some friends on there and it's cool
  7. yeah I heard about it. it sounded pretty boring though
  8. yes precisely it's a good feeling.. and well my friends told me i should play this game called ruenscape.... have u herd of it im kinda addicted to it now... ti's kinda sad but hey it's fun
  9. yeah its always cool when you havent played for awhile and then get a chance to play.
    its like falling in love with it all over again
  10. wow that's great u have a good start huh... it was funny i picked up my guitar (electric) yesterday cuz i haven't been playing in so long so it felt great... i kinda missed it and well yah it was nice ^^
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