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  1. sweet i hope everything works out for him. what was the program called?
  2. well a song of him he hasn't let me c the lyrics so im not to sure what it is about or anything like that but he showed me guitar and drums and effects put together for his song, he used this program my ppl got him for christmas
  3. sounds cool. whats ur bro want to record ?
  4. nm i've been drawing and my bro got a mic so it's kinda cool cuz he plans on recording some stuff and i'll help him out with it but it's not really something i will be trying to do since it's his thing
  5. yeah. ive already learned some pretty cool songs so yeah. so whats new?
  6. yah thats a great idea it will give me something to work for anyways regarding guitar
  7. thats cool with the manga i hope it goes well. thats hecka jacked though about guitar classes.
    ive been learning some cool stuff on you tube. you culd check into some of that if nothing else comes up
  8. well since the school decided to cancel both the grade 11 and 12 guitar classes this year, haven't been playing much guitar, i draw a bit but just once and a while, i've been in thought lately and im trying to get my manga almost completed so i've been writing a few pages a day the last four days i now have 18 new pages of text so i've been doing well i would say i just kinda comes as i write it
  9. yeah how bout you. whats been keeping you busy ?
  10. that's great ^^ that u are learning some new songs tho and well im glad u enjoyed the book ^^
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