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  1. yeah he is. if i ever get my scanner hooked up ill upload some of our drawings
  2. wow that's a fair amount of time ^^ that's good for ur friend i bet he's really good at what he does
  3. thats cool. yeah my friend's been drawing for like 6 or more years prolly
  4. it just takes some practice but it's something that can be learned quickly if u practice every once and a while, in grade nine i used to suck at drawing but it was good for my age, and well im better now and it's only been two years
  5. yeah its still hard to get the right lines to look the right way though
  6. yah that can be hard to do what u should do is start paying attention to how ppl move, their folds in their clothing and how one is able to move in certain ways it helped me a bit
  7. umm not really. like the ideas i have are really cool but i just cant put it on paper
  8. sweet im excited to c some of ur drawings i bet they are really awesome
  9. yeah thats prolly how my friend feels. but i just got a scaner for my comp. so ill try to upload
    them when i get a chance
  10. wow you can draw as well, mayb could i c some things that u have drawn, thanks i don't believe i am but ppl do say that sometimes and well i have some friends that look up to me drawing wise and its kinda cool ^^ makes u feel like u can draw well
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