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  1. what are you talking about you hecka good. way better than me thats for
  2. thanks i can draw sometimes but im not to great at it yet ^^ but im sure if i practice i can get even better, thank you ^^
  3. aww those pictures are sick i love them. your good
  4. k i uploaded them.. only a few tho i had to use my lappy to get them on their cuz it was being gay for some reason but yah
  5. lol thanks. yeah id like to c what u draw so tell me when you upload them
  6. btw your shoes are very awesome he he he so nice...
  7. yah i should upload some of them on here huh.. i should take some pic today of what i draw ^^ and then u can c
  8. thats so cool. i wanna see your drawings .
  9. ok sweet thank you, and i think im going to toronto or niagra falls in a couple weeks, other then that i'll be working on my manga, and drawing more im going to apply with some companies after i finish writing my manga and i hope i can do that by this summer
  10. sweet what u gonna do 1nc you go on break? ill upload some pics of them .
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