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  1. wow seriously what do they look like? thats great ^^ and yah i have my last exam tomorrow then it is summer for me finally
  2. haha thats cool. nm i got some shoes that actually look cool which is nice
  3. well im waring my uniform skirt to school today i promised my friend that i would for once ^^ i hope she likes how it looks im still unsure of it all but yah, what's new with u?
  4. yeah so whats new with you ?
  5. seriously but u can order anything on pizza so how can't u like it i could c if u were disgusted by tomato sauce but other then that .... that's strange lol
  6. I actually do know 1 person who doesnt like pizza. hes crazy
  7. yeps pizza and french fries are the two things that i've never met someone who doesn't like them
  8. yeah pizza is the best universal food .
  9. wow sounds like you guys had a lot of fun must have been great ^^ and pizza's awesome
  10. just got done with my friends 16th birthday party which was fun. we went to johns incredible pizza place and won hecka tickets
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