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  1. well thinking about exames im almost out of school so im very greatful for that but still ... yah what have you been up to lately?
  2. yeah that makes sense. so what you been up to lately?
  3. nah i can't drive i never took the course but yah im not to worried about it i can get it later if i wish it's just im planning on moveing to the states so i dono't kno if a half completed drivers licence will do any good in a different country kinda thing i might have to re-do it anyways so i misewell wait
  4. thats cool. so can you drive yet, and if you can do you have a car?
  5. wow that's cool....well in a couple weeks we get it
  6. I'm finnaly able to board again so ive been doing alota that. when do you get summer break?
  7. well lately lots and lots of projects and school last couple weeks so yah ^^ but other then that not to much what about u?
  8. yeah seriously. and I'm a good driver to but my dads retarded. well enough about that what you been up to?
  9. yah but the only way someone will kno that u dont' have a perment is if u mess up driveing wise, but it's still not that great of an idea as long as uur dad would take the fall it would be fine tho
  10. yeah except its illegal. If he would let me get my permit then it would be fine but whatever
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